Free Shipping! New Changes to eBay for Buyer's and Seller's

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Big Changes are coming to eBay on February 20, 2008 are you ready? If you are a seller on eBay or Buyer "This will affect you! For Sellers listing fees have changed! Some Good things and some Bad! For Sellers "No Gallery Fee" Yea! But higher Value fees at the end. Boo! For buyers you can not receive a negative feedback score from a seller! Are you kidding me? eBay has some major changes in the way that we all will be doning business on eBay. In this one hour audio program we cover all the changes, the good and the bad and give you ways that will make all of the changes work for you. eBay Seller's Beware was recorded January 30, 2008! 1 audio CD Over 1 hour of the latest Changes that is coming February 20, 2008 techniques for eBay success! The most up to date information on making eBay a success for you! This audio program covers: Planning out the year for your success! Understanding feedback and what has happen to the process! Why the Changes to feedback and what that means to you! Complete details of the new changes to eBay and how to understand them! What has happen to all the eBay buyer's? The direction that eBay is moving towards! Strategies that will work with the new playing field! 3 of the most important things you will need to do after February 20, 2008! The worst mistake you can make on eBay and how to avoid it! You can still make a lot of money on eBay, here's how! Staying on Top of the eBay game! Knowledge is eBay GOLD! This program is produce and published by QuickSet Learning FREE SHIPPING! Thank You!
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