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A Word about Cufflinks: Appearing towards the end of the Renaissance period, primitive cufflinks were used for holding shirt cuffs together. The simple, bare design started to take a stylistic twist towards the mid-1600s. However it was the rip-roaring twenties that sent the cufflink on a popularity boom. It was once believed that one should never buy their own set of cufflinks. That cufflinks were a gift meant to mark an extraordinary occasion. It was also used as a marker of class and wealth with metal, glass, and even diamond designs. Nowadays cufflinks still make a remarkable gift but are more common placed. They still make high fashion, but instead of royalty they are the standard for the modern gentleman. From Disney characters sporting animated cufflinks to James Bond creating a legend in cufflinks, this little piece of fashion makes its mark. Cufflinks became a symbol of style, wealth, power, and poise. Women have now taken part in popularizing cufflinks with creative designs and delicate details.

The History of Cufflinks
The history of cufflinks ebbs and flows and popularity keeps on rising as celebrities, and others showcase eye-popping and spectacular designs of cufflinks. This art form of cufflinks is one hard to master. When purchasing your own set make sure to consider the design, color, and your other accessories. Become part of the rage, find the cufflink that is calling your name, and add to the history of the cufflink.
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